We are working in this area every day!  We know the Real Estate Market like the back of our hand! We have in depth knowledge about what is going on in the market and use that knowledge to give our customers and clients valuable advice when it comes to buying or selling their home!


We are experts in navigating foreclosures!  Whether it is a government owned home or a straight bank foreclosure we have been through this process numerous times.  There is a certain way that you have to negotiate with the banks or government to ensure you get the best deal possible without jeopardizing losing the sale.


We have been granted authorization to sell HUD properties.  This is a tricky process that requires strict guidelines to be followed.  You can find a great deal buying through HUD but if the process isn’t in strict compliance you will risk losing the property.  You need a company on your side to navigate through this difficult process.



We realize this is a huge decision for you and you want updates as soon as they come in.  We don’t operate on normal business hours and will pass information as soon as it comes through.  We will let you know when there are changes to your purchase and work quickly to address any snags that may arise.

When you find the perfect home you need to decide what to offer.  This can depend on many different factors.   There are several things you should consider:

  1.  Is the asking price in line with prices of similar homes in the area?
  2. Is the home in good condition or will you have to spend a substantial amount of money making it the way you want it?
  3. How long has the home been on the market?
  4. How much mortgage will be required?
  5. How much do you really want the home?

The key is that you need a good agent that understands these circumstances.  We will take you through the process and explain everything you need to make an educated decision based on what the home is listed for, the market value, and the competition to ensure that you get the best deal without losing the property.


We are able to look at the bones of the home and find things that may not be readily observable to a buyer.  We have extensive experience in construction and can offer valuable advice on our first visit to the home.  We still recommend a home inspection but can normally give a good synopsis of the home upon our first visit as to potential problems with the home. It is important for us to make sure that you are making a sound investment and that can normally be determined on our first visit to the home.   


We will negotiate vigorously on YOUR behalf to insure that you get the best deal possible, and we guarantee to protect YOUR best interests every step of the way.  There is a delicate balance on what to offer and when.  Through our experience in negotiation we have this skill down to a science.

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